And just like that, the day is finally here! We feel like we’ve been holding onto this top secret, not so secret information that we can finally reveal to the world! If you’ve been following along on social media, you’ll know that we’ve been hard at work with Leon’s to makeover both our kitchen and bedroom. We’ve posted some sneak peaks, you’ve seen parts of the rooms in Instagram stories as we’ve chased the kids around the house but at long last, the official Hello Sunshine Magazine is here!

We’re so excited for this because like we said it has been a lot of work to get these rooms together for you all to see but it’s all been so worth it. To be able to work with such a talented team to showcase these spaces was a dream. We felt like TV stars (Thalita would know, she’s been on TV) and we feel that the final product speaks for itself.

Twin boys playing in Leons Kitchen

Head over to HERE to view the full Hello Sunshine Magazine and see all of the room makeovers. We know they’ll inspire you because for us, making these changes to our house (which was all studs and exposed electrical this time last year) has really made this place feel like a home – a home where our boys can be safe to explore, learn in & most importantly cozy up to mom and dad in!

Check out the magazine and let us know which space you love the best. As if we don’t already know 😉

Oh, and if you want your own copy, feel free to drop by any LCBO location across Canada to pick one up along with Food & Drink Magazine! Leave a comment, we’d love to hear from you! Caio!

PS. Here’s a sneak peak at a Web Series we’ll be launching very shortly where you’ll get to see a little “behind the scenes”! Stay tuned for that!

Marquis & Thalita


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