It’s that time of year again, you guys, and for this season’s partnership with Leon’s Furniture we made over two new spaces, but with a twist – one of them isn’t ours! This time we got to partner with our good friends Dave and Joey, also known as The Brolaws, and we designed a baby girl’s nursery with and for them! Dave and Joy just had their third child, and it was the biggest privilege to work with them on this space.

On top of doing work on someone else’s space, we completed one of ours, also!

The dining room finally got a little love with a painted feature wall and a new table with mismatched chairs and we even got some storage in there.

You can see the full feature and catch a few glimpses of our Christmas morning brunch!

The magazine is full of amazing makeovers and beautiful families, so make sure to give this year’s Hello Holiday a read!


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