Hey – Thalita here, you know, Marquis’ better looking and more talented better half. I’m here to answer the big question, “Why the change?” Well, some exciting things have been happening in the world of The Unfit Dad and if you’ve been paying attention you would have realized that there have been some changes popping up across the different social platforms. I’m here today to let you know that if you’ve been reading this blog since it first started a mere 5 months ago, you know Marquis has been the sole author of the posts, with myself occasionally piping in to co-write something. What you may not have known is that I’ve also been playing the role of editor to the blog. What is the role of the editor? It can (and has) include(d) anything and everything from correcting grammar and spelling mistakes to re-writing sentences and full paragraphs. That’s right, none of the now 26 posts have gone live without crossing my desk first (yes, I have a real actual desk).


This was one part of the reason we decided on the change from being The Unfit Dad to The Unfit Parent. We get that Dad or “Daddy” blogs are a big deal right now. Mommy blogs are still going strong, but we wanted to make it less about catering to one gender and more about inclusivity – it’s 2017, after all. We also wanted to make it less (aka: not at all) about calling ourselves Daddy or Mommy bloggers and more about being bloggers who write about parenthood. Don’t misunderstand me, every post and thought that you’ve read and followed along with have come from the thoughts and experiences of Marquis himself. All in all, this model worked for us because we work as a team, in everything.


Everyday Marquis and I would find a new “Super Dad” or “Awesome Boss Mom” group and though those themes might ring true and deserve the attention in their arenas we found that at the end of it all, these and all parents share in one common theme, the fact that despite not having a clue what we are doing we are all simply, parenting. In our family and what we found of MANY others was that we work together and raise our kids as a unit, making decisions and mistakes as one. Marquis doesn’t do it on his own and I wouldn’t be able to be the mother I am without having him there with me.


Parenthood and teamwork for that matter are what it’s all about because we’re right in it with you, and you’re in it with us. We get one another and that’s why we want The Unfit Parent to be a community: a place to learn, laugh, cry, and lean on one another. Parenting can feel so lonely sometimes because we have all these thoughts and feelings that don’t seem to get talked about that often – both the good and the bad. So let’s talk about them!


You may be wondering how this will change the blog. Well, you’ll see articles written by Marquis as well as articles that I have authored on my own. For the readers that have enjoyed these posts from a dad’s perspective, don’t worry, they’re not going anywhere. We’ve actually added a section for the moms and one for the dads, because sometimes perspective IS important, and it DOES matter! We know that. A look at things from the other end of the spectrum is just a click away. We hope you’ll explore both views! You’ll see both of us sharing on The Unfit Parent’s Instagram account, so expect a lot more stories involving adorable toddler moments and the occasional meltdown.


You can also expect to hear us very soon on a Podcast, where we’ll be talking a little more in depth about things that come up here on the blog and on social media as well as in our day-to-day lives. We want to keep it as open and real as possible where basically we chat about the things that every parent thinks but may not necessarily say out loud. We’ll be taking your questions, comments and suggestions to share with our audience and there will be the occasional guest post from other Super Parents to keep the community aspect going and growing. We may even tackle a YouTube channel. One day. When the boys are in college, maybe? We might have some more time then, right?


So that’s really it. Thank you so much for following along this far! When Marquis started the blog we never imagined it would grow to where it’s at today and it’s all been made possible because of the outpour of support from you. We can’t thank you enough! I’ve tried to keep it short and sweet, and though I’m not quite as witty and funny as Marquis (I do try though), I’ll do my best to throw some mom jokes your way.


Now, tell us what you want to see/hear/read from us!


-The Unfit Parents (Edited by Marquis 😉 ) (Re-edited by Thalita 🙂 )


I'm Thalita, that's right, the much better half of The Unfit Parent. I absolutely love myself a good latte and catching up with friends (the show, not like actual people). Welcome to my crazy life as a mom of twin boys. I like real. I like raw. I like honest. If you’re into that, we can totally be friends!



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