The Ultimate Double Shopping Cart List

What’s up all you Unfit Parents out there!? We’ve got a good one for you today. This post is really going to speak to the parents of multiples out there and the parents with multiple small children because we’ve all had this problem!

It’s time to get the groceries, you pack up the kids in the Caravan, head to the store, ready and optimistic that you’re going to absolutely conquer this mission. You get there only to see single-child-shopping-carts. MISSION FAILED! And of course, you left the stroller at home but seriously, who’s really trying to push a stroller and a shopping cart by themselves in a crowded grocery store? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

We’ve got you covered. Our friend Amanda over at Amanda’s Great Idea put together a MASTER list of all the shopping centers that have DOUBLE SHOPPING CARTS! Yes, you read that correctly. Amanda has taken the guesswork out of it for us parents of multiples – you can breathe easy! Oh, and the list includes stores across the US, Canada, AND The UK! Thank you, Amanda and you’re welcome to the rest of you.

Check out the blog below! Leave a comment and be sure to let Amanda know how thankful you are! We sure are. Maybe you’ll recognize two little cuties when you read through. 🙂

Double shopping cart

Happy shopping parents! Until next time…



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November 20, 2017



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