So I’ve been having this ongoing thought lately. One that obviously involves my kids ’cause they’re really most of what think about these days. Can I get an “amen”?

Now, I know that in saying this and even putting it out there that I’m getting way, way ahead of myself but I can’t help it. Lately, I’ve been thinking about the people that my kids will become. Not as babies, not as toddlers but as the people that 10 and 30-year-old Jude and Luca will be. What will they look like? What kinds of things will they stand for? Who will come into their lives to shape them? What will their voices sound like? What pastimes will they take up?

Now, as parents, we obviously want the best for our kids and whether you believe in God, the universe, fate or simply chance there is something so terribly wonderful and ominous about not knowing and giving up control.

We have the privilege of walking with them, helping to shape their minds and guide them as best we can in making a lot of those life altering decisions.
Now, I’m no fool, let’s keep in mind that 55-year-old Marquis will most definitely tell you a different story but there is a small part of me that never wants them to grow up.
We all know that that’s not possible and the truth of the matter is that they will, quickly. One day they’ll need to go to school and they’ll go on bike rides and cross the street on their own. One day they’ll be in a college dorm room studying for an exam (or not) and mom and dad won’t be there.

It’s all so terrifyingly beautiful that we’ve been given the honour of raising up these tiny little humans to one day be contributing members of society. It’s pretty crazy if you really think about it, right? Like, when you were 5 years old your parents had no clue who you’d turn into and now look at you, you’re a parent, you own a car (maybe two), you pay your bills (somewhat on time?) and you can even cross the street on your own! What a concept!

As much as I want them to stay my little boys forever at the same time, I can’t wait to see the men they’ll turn into. And I’ll celebrate this life with them every day until we get there.

What’s on your mind today? What random thoughts surge through your brain when it comes to your kids? Am I way out on a limb here? Let me know where you’re at!



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