How to train your dog for your baby’s arrival

I put out a post on Instagram recently featuring our dog Luther laying on the couch with our (at the time) 3-week old twins. When we brought Luther home from a shelter 3 and a half years earlier we never thought that something like this would be possible. To say that he has a lot of energy would be an understatement. This little guy makes the Tasmanian devil look like Eeyore the donkey. When we found out we were pregnant we (among other things) knew we had to prepare Luther for how his life was about to change. He needed to understand that though we loved him there would be a shift in our attention from him to the boys.

We set out on what seemed to be an impossible task of training our dog for their arrival. One thing that surprised us was that at the end of it all it worked! It took time but with repetition and of course, consistency we finally felt comfortable with the thought of our extremely hyperactive and playful pup Luther being around our new arrivals. I teamed up with my good friends over at Father Inc. to bring this post to you.

>>>Click here<<< to be taken to the full post and get the step-by-step on how we trained our dog for the arrival of our boys. Try it out! Leave a comment! I’d love to know what worked for you!


Around the 6 or 7 month mark Thalita and I decided that we needed to start training our dog and get him ready for the arrival of his little brothers. ???? ⠀ She picked up a couple dolls from Value Village that we wrapped in blankets and carried them around the house pretending that we were holding real babies. ⠀ ⠀ As do many household pets, ours owned the couch. ? ⠀ When we came home from work we would go to the dolls, pick them up first and carry them around the house for a few minutes ignoring Luther (our dog). It was important for him to know that the babies were more important. He’d also have to sit down and let us bring the dolls to his level if he wanted to see them. He loved that part. ⠀ ⠀ As you can see, the training worked really well. ? I’m sad to say it, but he still owns the couch. ??‍♂️ #tbt #throwbackthursday #theunfitdad #myleons #dogsofinstgram #twins #dogtraining

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