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For the moms

Hey moms, this space is for just us girls. This is where you kind find those things that us moms expereincebut don’t often get to talk about. We’ll be sharing tips, advice and those little things they don’t teach you about in school that only a mom would understand. Want to read about something specific? Let us know and we’ll write about it! Moms unite!

Postpartum Depression – Breaking the post partum stigma

Postpartum depression
Here’s a question for you – who do you know that has lived with postpartum depression? Or better yet, when is the last time you heard the words “postpartum depression?” I’m willing to bet that within your lifetime you’ve heard the words or have had a conversation around…

Tales of The Unfit Dad: An Introduction

The Unfit Dad
So you’ve made it this far. You’ve subscribed to the The Unfit Dad or landed on my page somehow (thank you) and now you’re wondering, what’s next? What is this all about? Who is The Unfit Dad? All great questions, so why don’t we just jump right…