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For the dads

Alright, dads, this page is all about you. We’ve got everything from how to support your partner during pregnancy to parental leave and how to change a diaper in the dark. We dads often get a bad rap so we’ve put together some resources to help you navigate those beginning stages of parenthood.

I’m a father of a newborn baby! Send help and Coffee.

I’m a father of a newborn baby
You’re now officially a parent of a newborn baby! A dad. Congrats! Your new family is complete, your child is healthy and growing! I’m happy for you, dad! Remember when you had just heard the good news? How time flies! I’m sure you’re thinking…

The Expectant Father

What to expect…for dads
You’re now the expectant father to a new life, your legacy, wow! What an honour! How’re you holding up? By now you’re most likely through the first trimester and are free and safe to share the news with extended family, friends and all those people you went…

6 Must-Reads If You’re going to be a dad

You’re going to be a dad
Congrats! You’re going to be a dad and your family is about to increase in size! Now, whether you were planning on starting a family or this came as a surprise, you’re going to be a dad and I couldn’t be happier for you! We…

Tales of The Unfit Dad: An Introduction

The Unfit Dad
So you’ve made it this far. You’ve subscribed to the The Unfit Dad or landed on my page somehow (thank you) and now you’re wondering, what’s next? What is this all about? Who is The Unfit Dad? All great questions, so why don’t we just jump right…