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Alright, dads, this page is all about you. We’ve got everything from how to support your partner during pregnancy to parental leave and how to change a diaper in the dark. We dads often get a bad rap so we’ve put together some resources to help you navigate those beginning stages of parenthood.

Why Won’t My Toddler Just Go to Bed?

  • Marquis
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  • Apr 2, 2018
toddler bedtime

Why Won’t My Toddler Just Go to Bed? It’s not just you. Many parents have trouble getting their toddlers to go to bed. In fact, a study suggests that over half of three to five-year-olds stall at bedtime. This stalling can happen for many reasons. Maybe your child got a long enough nap in the…

6 Diaper Bags – Review & Giveaway!

Hey parents!

Today we’re coming at you with not only one diaper bag review, but SIX diaper bags we’ve tried out in partnership with Buy Buy Baby in Whitby and I have to tell you, it was super interesting to try out so many bags with all of the same…

What Will Your Child’s Inner Voice Sound Like?

You know that feeling, right before you’re about to make a decision, or just after you’ve received great news?  That feeling of a whisper in your brain that – unsolicited – weighs in with editorial comments? 

For some of us, that voice is really encouraging, offering support and cheering us…

‘Dad-Bod’ is our word and we’re taking it back

Written by James R.C. Smith of


For too long, the word ‘Dad-Bod’ has been synonymous with having a beer belly and a shirt with buttons that are really trying hard to keep everything covered.


Of course, we put on a little sympathy weight during our partner’s pregnancy. Then once our…

Parenting: How I survived the first two years

What two years of parenting has taught me
Our kids just turned two years old. TWO! We’ve officially reached two years of parenting! As in, two years ago we were looking at them through a plastic incubator. As in two years ago, we were new parents trying to figure out…

The Ultimate List of Stores With Double Shopping Carts

The Ultimate Double Shopping Cart List
What’s up all you Unfit Parents out there!? We’ve got a good one for you today. This post is really going to speak to the parents of multiples out there and the parents with multiple small children because we’ve all had this problem!

It’s time to…

Tantrums and Meltdowns: How to know the difference

Tantrums and Meltdowns: How to know the difference
We’ve all been there and if you haven’t you’ve seen it happen in a movie or in person to some poor unfortunate soul who happens to be carting around a toddler in a shopping buggy. Everything is great, you’re taking on the day,…

5 life lessons parents should pass on to their children

5 life lessons parents should pass on to their children
Father’s day is approaching and in my house, I actually won’t be with my family for most of the day. I figure this time around is okay, besides they have no idea what Father’s Day is, so until they’re old…

28 signs you might be raising twin toddlers

28 signs you might be raising twin toddlers
1. You wake up more tired than when you went to sleep.

2. You’re constantly reminding someone not to stick food up their nose.

3. You can’t ever find the other sock.

4. Your dinner consists of leftover mac and cheese and raisins….

Looking Forward: Morning thoughts from The Unfit Dad

So I’ve been having this ongoing thought lately. One that obviously involves my kids ’cause they’re really most of what think about these days. Can I get an “amen”?

Now, I know that in saying this and even putting it out there that I’m getting way, way ahead of myself…