A little more about us

Thanks for stopping by our humble corner of the internet. We’re Marquis and Thalita and together we make up The Unfit Parent – a blog where we share in our experiences as twin parents giving you a behind the scenes look at all things parenting from both ends of the spectrum. We promise to keep it as real and honest as possible as we write about all the things parents often think but never say outloud. The blog exists because family is so important and having a friend or two that you can vent to, bounce ideas off of or just ask a question is something we all need. We’re not perfect and we’re no experts but we’ve been through some of it and, like you, are still figuring it out as we go.

We live in a small beach town in Northumberland County about an hour east of Toronto, Canada. We have two boys, Jude and Luca and, though sometimes we almost forget, we also have a dog named Luther, who can be a bit of a menace!

Parental Leave_Dad reading to kids_The Unfit Dad

When we’re not writing you can find us reading a book (probably John Grisham or Mindy Kaling), enjoying a nice hot latte, Netflixing, or spending time walking through the neighborhood as a family. Who are we kidding… when we’re not writing, you can most likely find us pulling something out of a baby’s mouth, simultaneously trying to feed two hangry children or a slew of other toddler-related things.

Always feel free to drop us a line and say “Hi,” and if you want to know more about the beginnings of this blog, back when it was called The Unfit Dad, check out this intro post.