Remember a couple of weeks ago when I wrote about the 6 things I’ve loved having for the boys over the last 6 months? Remember when I said I would probably think of more things? Welp. I did. Like, immediately after the last post! And that’s why I’m back today with more!


Sure, I could give you 7 things for 7 months, since that’s how old they are now (insert crying emoji), but let’s be honest, I obviously can’t restrict myself to these kinds of low numbers, so I’ll just say it’s more than 6. Because babies change on the daily and that toy you thought you wouldn’t need until your baby was like 9 months old ends up being his favourite thing at 5 months, and you just go with it. Some of these things could be separated into more than 1 item (like #1), but I’m trying my hardest to keep this list short. Ha!

Let’s get right to it.

1. Good bathtubs

Ok, so what’s “good”? Here are the two we’re obsessed with and will recommend to absolutely anyone (and yes, I tried more than just these two methods of bathing the boys). The Puj tub is amazing for newborns and can be used right up until 6 months if you don’t have massive babies like I do. Once they grew out of that (at around 5 months), we got The First Years Infant to Toddler Tub and it’s THE best. Seriously. If it wasn’t for the fact that this tub does not fit on our bathroom counter/sink, I wouldn’t have needed the Puj at all. Even my mom ended up getting one of these for when we bathe the boys at their house.

2. Nursing pillows


Two of them. Seriously, this should have actually been like #1 on the last list, but I somehow forgot all about them! We use them for everything – feeding, sleeping, playing… Now that the boys are trying to sit up, it’s great for that, too. And I didn’t get a twin one, I just have two different pillows, which I find works best for us.

3. IKEA highchairs


Specifically, this one. It’s super easy to clean and they look good! BONUS: they’re black and white. I mean, it’s like this chair was made for my house! I love these, and strongly recommend you get the inflatable pillow that comes separately for like $7!

4. Covered Goods car seat covers


Because they can also be used for nursing, covering up shopping carts, and as car seat covers, (and technically it can be worn as a scarf), these are super versatile and can totally be used by the non-nursing mother like me! They’re lightweight and super cute. I’ve even used ours to help me prop up bottles on more than one occasion!

5. Anything absorbent

Like bibs. All the bibs. No, but actually. Buy them all. We have about 35, according to the last time I counted (because when you somehow run out then do laundry and there’s an entire load of just bibs, you count!). I always wondered if I’d have one of those super drooley babies, and I don’t have one. I have TWO. All the drool. All the spit up. All the time. Actually, if I had to have only one thing on this list, it would probably be bibs, but that seemed like a really silly list to make, and obviously everyone buys bibs, so…. yeah! And swaddles! Oh my gosh so many swaddles! We’ve used swaddles for everything from actually swaddling babies, to soaking up all the spit up, to covering up carseats and using them as picnic blankets.

6. A teething necklace


Because babies will put anything in their mouths, and I do mean ANY thing, teething necklaces are a great way to make sure they’re not gnawing on a gross piece of metal that you’ve literally never cleaned before. I say this as a mom who HAS let both of her babies gnaw on non-teething necklaces before, but here’s the thing: tiny pieces of metal in your kid’s mouth is probably a bad idea. That’s why I love That’s Darling Co. She makes cute pieces that my kiddos LOVE to chew on. Seriously. They’re obsessed.

7. A good diaper bag

I, specifically, love the Skip Hop Duo. It has two insulated side pockets for bottles, outside pockets and an exterior zippered compartment. This is the only diaper bag I’ve used for 7 months with twins, and it’s not a big bag. I’d say that’s pretty impressive! (You can see it in the picture of the stroller in #4)

8. A white noise machine

Truthfully, we only JUST bought a machine (this one) and I love it. Up until recently we had been using an app on our iPad, which was so silly because we basically didn’t use the thing for anything else! That was one expensive white noise machine! We use white noise for naps and for bedtime, so it’s on a lot. And it really works, as long as you make it a part of your routine, but that’s a whole other blog post!

I’m sure I could go on with SO many things (like the obvious things: stroller, car seats, etc…) but I think I’ve been obvious enough. These are just some things I didn’t think I would care too much about that ended up being SO good for us to have.

Do you have some essential things you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments!

I’ll be writing an update on what it’s been like living with twins sometime in the not too distant future – kind of like this post – where I’ll share some of the more personal trials and the emotional roller coaster that this has been for me. As I write this, both boys have decided to start screaming mid-playtime, so…. I gotta go!


I'm Thalita, that's right, the much better half of The Unfit Parent. I absolutely love myself a good latte and catching up with friends (the show, not like actual people). Welcome to my crazy life as a mom of twin boys. I like real. I like raw. I like honest. If you’re into that, we can totally be friends!



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    Kate Hanlon

    January 2, 2018

    What pushchair is in the picture above with the car seats?

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      January 3, 2018

      That’s the PegPerego Duette stroller. We love it!


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