28 signs you might be raising twin toddlers

1. You wake up more tired than when you went to sleep.

2. You’re constantly reminding someone not to stick food up their nose.

3. You can’t ever find the other sock.

4. Your dinner consists of leftover mac and cheese and raisins.

5. There are dirty diapers placed all around your house. And diaper boxes everywhere.

raising twin toddlers

6. There are so many baby gates up it’s as if you’re training for hurdles in the Olympics.

7. When you hear little knocks at the door your first response is “no one’s in here.”

8. You haven’t had a hot coffee in weeks months.

9. Free time is now classified as the 5 minutes of silence you get when they are eating.

10. You’ve gone to the grocery store in your house slippers (again).

raising twin toddlers

11. Counting down to bedtime is your new favourite pastime. (T-minus 73 minutes)

12. If you met Daniel the Tiger IRL you’d punch him in the mouth.

13. You know the lyrics to every single Wiggles song ever.

14. You’re now singing one of them to yourself. And if you’re not: Fruit salad. Yummy Yummy. You’re welcome.

15. You say “no” and “get off that” more times than you breathe.

raising twin toddlers

Sounding familiar yet?

16. The words “don’t bite your brother” have lost all meaning. Maybe that’s just at our house?

17. You read the same 5 books over and over again all day long. You now also hate Dr. Seuss.

18. You regret the days of encouraging them to say “dada” and “mama.”

19. Your idea of a vacation is browsing the aisles of Marshalls Walmart Home Depot literally any store for 2 hours. Alone.

20. You lose more verbal arguments than you can count.

raising twin toddlers

21. You dread the day they’ll be in forward facing car seats and you can no longer eat or drink anything or in peace in the car.

22. You wear shoes in the house because there are literally crumbs everywhere and what is even the point of vacuuming?

23. Any surfaces they can reach have been cleared or things have been pushed far back and it sort of looks like you’ve been robbed or you’re moving…or like you have toddlers.

24. You step on toys in every room of the house.

25. Going out in the public is the riskiest thing you’ll do all day. Will someone scream? Throw things on the floor? Throw themselves on the floor? Who knows!

raising twin toddlers

26. There is always a reason to cry.

27. There is always a reason to laugh.

28. They drive you up the wall nutty and you love them all the same.

raising twin toddlers

Do you relate?

Care to add any of your own?


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