‘Dad-Bod’ is our word and we’re taking it back

Written by James R.C. Smith of SocialDad.ca


For too long, the word ‘Dad-Bod’ has been synonymous with having a beer belly and a shirt with buttons that are really trying hard to keep everything covered.


Of course, we put on a little sympathy weight during our partner’s pregnancy. Then once our…

Welcome to The Unfit Parent Podcast – #00

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Welcome to The Unfit Parent Podcast – the podcast that believes that parenting can sometimes be lonely so let’s do it together. This community, above all else, is a safe place where parents can come together to encourage each other and learn…

Leon’s Hello Holiday 2017

It’s that time of year again, you guys, and for this season’s partnership with Leon’s Furniture we made over two new spaces, but with a twist – one of them isn’t ours! This time we got to partner with our good friends Dave and Joey, also known as The…